Coolibah Downs Wedding | Ben and Rachael

Coolibah Downs Private Estate Wedding

Capturing Ben and Rachael’s wedding at Coolibah Downs was an experience that filled my heart with joy as a wedding videographer. Situated in the breathtaking Gold Coast Hinterland, Coolibah Downs provided the perfect backdrop for a love story that was both timeless and deeply moving. It’s in places like this that the essence of romance truly shines.

The moment I set foot on the lush grounds of Coolibah Downs, I knew I was in for something extraordinary. The venue effortlessly blends the tranquility of nature with the rustic charm of a historic homestead, making it an ideal canvas for crafting unforgettable love stories. The love that surrounded Ben and Rachael on their special day was nothing short of magical.

The old-style chapel at Coolibah Downs is nothing short of enchanting. With its stained glass windows, rustic wooden pews, and the soft, ethereal light that graces the interior, it served as the perfect setting for Ben and Rachael’s heartfelt vows. Filming this sacred exchange of promises was a deeply moving experience, and it’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do.

The gardens that envelop Coolibah Downs provided a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and post-ceremony celebrations. It was within this natural sanctuary that Ben and Rachael’s love truly blossomed. From candid moments to stunning portraits, the gardens offered an abundance of opportunities to capture the pure joy and unwavering love that filled the day.

As the day turned into night, Coolibah Downs transformed into a magical wonderland under the gentle glow of fairy lights and the starlit sky. Filming Ben and Rachael’s first dance and the exuberant celebrations that followed was a dream come true. The night itself seemed to dance with them, creating unforgettable memories for all who were present.

Coolibah Downs is more than just a wedding venue; it’s a storyteller’s haven. As a wedding videographer, I take great pleasure in the rustic elegance, natural beauty, and the genuine warmth that defines this venue. Each wedding I film here allows me to craft cinematic masterpieces that celebrate the enduring beauty of love, and Ben and Rachael’s love story was no exception.

In the world of wedding videography, Coolibah Downs stands as a place where love is celebrated with grace and style. Filming Ben and Rachael’s wedding here was a true pleasure, a privilege that allowed me to be a part of their unique love story in this enchanting setting.