Drone Footage in your Wedding Video

Add Cinamatic Beauty to Your Wedding Film

I provide complimentary 4K drone footage with all of my videography packages. However, it’s important to ensure that your chosen package allows enough time to capture these shots without feeling rushed, particularly in the morning.

I make use of these drone shots to set the desired mood and enhance the cinematic feel of the film. The morning is the ideal time to gather these shots, as it allows us to make the most of the diminishing afternoon light for other important shots. I also fine just after the ceremony while you are mingling with your guests a good time to capture some drone shots. 

If you are interested in being filmed with the drone in the afternoon during the photo shoot, I would advise against it. During the time it takes to capture a few drone shots of the couple, both the photographer and video team could have taken 20 other shots. Setting up shots with the drone is a slower process, as both the videographer and photographer need to be positioned far away from the frame to capture wide, expansive shots. This can make it difficult to hear instructions clearly and may also inconvenience the photographer, as the limited afternoon sunlight needs to be used wisely and shared among various shots.

It is also important to note, that we are limited by flight regulations as perscribed by CASA. This will mean we are unable to use the drone for any weddings in the city.

Drone Footage

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