What makes Storyteller Films the Best Wedding Videographers in Brisbane?

Leave Nothing To Chance!

❤️ I have personally filmed more than 300 weddings.

❤️ I am the actual Videographer that shoots your wedding, Be careful many agency-style suppliers will send anyone to your wedding. I have even heard of a receptionist being sent when no one could be found!

❤️ I shoot all my videos in 4k to future-proof your memories. Many suppliers are still only filming HD which is 4 times less resolution.

❤️ I also utilize a 4k Drone for cinematic opening shots when permitted.

❤️ I offer you all of the Raw footage including the full ceremony and speeches Free of charge.

❤️ I do not charge a travel fee up to 120 kms from Brisbane. Your package time starts when I arrive.

❤️ I cover your ceremony with multiple cameras (4) so nothing is missed. This later helps create a cinematic style edit.

❤️ I’m dedicated to my craft and strive to do my best work at every wedding.

❤️ I labour over your edit for up to 2 weeks and colour-grade every shot

❤️ I’ll still be in business come your wedding! I have weathered the years and survived the Financial Crisis & The Pandemic. Your deposit will be safe with me.

❤️ All my packages are scale-able and customize-able.

❤️ I am also an accomplished Photographer. If the nightmare situation occurs and your Photographer is sick or doesn’t show up, I am able to help out and wear both hats. 

❤️ By shooting 4K video I am able to pull stunning Photos straight from the Video! See Here. If you can only afford a photographer or a videographer but not both. This will give you the benefits of both!


Wedding photographer
Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Advantages of Hiring Storyteller Films over Lesser Suppliers.