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Byron Bay Wedding Photographer and Videography
 Ena & Paymann’s Byron Bay wedding photography and Videography.

On the morning of Ena and Paymann’s wedding I severely sprained my ankle. It was touch and go whether I would be able to continue for the day. I had someone strap it for me and through down a fist full of pain killers and struggled through the day in a codeine and pain haze. Regardless, the results turned out well and the couples were ecstatic with there film and photos.

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We love going down the coast to Byron Bay and Filming or Photographing weddings. Now that I am moving to more of a dedicated Wedding Photographer I feel Byron Bay makes for a remarkable setting for a beautiful Wedding photography.


Even though Byron Bay Weddings are a one and a half hour drive down the coast for us we do not charge any additional fees for this travel.


When Photographing around Byron Bay we like to move around and utilize all that the town has to offer. It’s important to remember that Wedding photography at the Byron Bay light house incurs a $50 council fee and needs to be booked in advance to assure a car park.

The Byron Bay Hinterlands also provide a spectacular backdrop for Byron bay wedding photography. With many beautiful venues also nestled in this mountainous region.

Even though I’m based in Brisbane, I still feel that I am a Byron Bay Wedding Photographer. Having grown up in the area and have a good knowledge of the surrounding areas.

Byron Bay Wedding Photography and Videography

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